Hey everyone! Stephanie here! Today is the last day of summer and I’m spending it with my cool little brother. Unlike most siblings my brother is super fun and I love to hang out with him. So far he’s the coolest 8 year old I’ve ever hung out with. His name is Daniel, and he and he LOVES cinnamon buns! Trust me! That boy is just obsessed! He used to be my annoying little brother but now, we are way closer and fight less! 🙂 How do you bond with your siblings? Comment below and answer the polls! 🙂 


First Blog :)


Hello boys and girls. Todays topic will be about the first day of school. There’s always a good and bad feeling to starting school. I, am excited this year because, I get to see my friends again, and hang out. There’s also a bad feeling I have because I’m afraid I won’t find my classes in time.  I mean, it’s a big school with lots of classrooms, which ones are mine? All my friends are excited and so am I but I’m just scared for that one thing. What’s YOUR good feeling, and (or) bad feeling?